PAT Testing in Huddersfield

Portable Appliance Testing

Thornhill Electrical Ltd offer complete Portable Appliance Testing in Huddersfield (PAT Testing)


PAT Testing

Thornhill Electrical Ltd is now offering businesses in Huddersfield a fast, convenient and cost-effective way of meeting their obligations for regular testing of portable electrical appliances.

If you own or run a business, however small, you are legally responsible for ensuring the safety of the electrical equipment used by that business. This means that regular testing – usually referred to as PAT testing – is essential for portable electrical appliances such as photocopiers and other office equipment, kettles, vacuum cleaners and computers.

PAT testing doesn’t have to be inconvenient or expensive. Thornhill Electrical Ltd is now offering a complete service that can be tailored to meet your exact requirements. Testing takes very little time, and is carried out at your own premises, so your work won’t be interrupted.

After completing the tests, our Huddersfield Electricians will label all of your equipment to show the date that it was tested, and when re-testing is due. If any of the items fail the test, Thornhill Electrical Ltd will provide professional advice on whether it is best to replace or repair the item.

Remember that the requirement for PAT testing applies to every kind of business, not just offices, shops and factories! Care homes, schools, play groups and even churches are included. So, if you have, or think you might have a need for PAT testing, contact Thornhill Electrical Ltd on (01484) 326430 today for free advice, a full method statement and a competitive quotation.